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Thursday, April 02, 2009

hye there..it's been a long time..i juz want to show u all,one of my previous animation dat i'd done for my lecturer...Actually she study about how to tackle natural lighting in intermediate house link...mostly,she intent to use old craftmanship like old carving from old malay castle (istana)...as usual..i only using sketchup 5,coz it's more easier to arrange the scene rather than other version..i arrange view from facade than walk through to interior part to show some carving n new roof design..so,give your opinion..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hell yeah!!!
tapi shadow time moving from page to page tu sepatutnya ko control biar static angle..jgn banyak sangat setting shadow time.
so end up dia shadow tu x lari time moving from page to another page..