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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tribute to my "Emot"
The Siamese fighting fish (ikan laga), also known as the "beta fish" or just "betta", is one of the most popular species of freshwater aquarium...The brilliant coloration, and long flowing fins of the Betta make it they look like a female, but actually d one that had long fin is male...i started to have one while i'm still kid..n "emot" was the most beautiful beta fish i ever had..but yet,"he" cannot live long enough..so,this entry is a tribute to him..i wanna start to have "them" again..i love to see the way "they" swim gracefully like a collonial woman wearing a big dress going to prom..so,this is my new sketches collection..i hope there will be another entry that i can post with fully rendered..i hope u all can comment sumthing down there..huhu..gudbye emot..R.I.P..
fighting series 1
fighting series 2
fighting series 3
"...the beautiful chaos..."
fighting series 4 (with rendered)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

...how to make 3d text in ur own pics..
Have u seen this kind of text in any media?..3d text that follow the perspective view..before this,i wonder how to make that kind of effect..now,if u know how to use any latest version of sketchup,u can make it happen...just play around with the 3d text tools..it's very simple..seriously,even the beginners can do it..just play the tutorial that provided by sketchup few time,than u can easily start..if u dun have,get the trial version now..it's free maa..

 sneak pix from the sketchup 6 
( u just visualize the perspective points n then let the sketchup do the rest )

haha..this is my moment while i'm in standard 3 ( 2009 )
my first big competition..n i didn't win..hooo..

(for Dayah's Blog)
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