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Friday, April 17, 2009

How To Make A Pleasant Art

Huiit..last week,i'd got so many blogger ask me,how to create a pleasant art?...n some of it want me to teach them how to draw..for me is simple..first,u have to try to draw a straight line without using any tools except your pen or pencil..master that part first n then,try to draw circle..from time to time,u'll be amaze dat u had build ur own stroke..then your imagination take the lead while u scramble the paper..the most important thing.."practice make perfect"...trust me..
For me,i always use human figure as a references..why??..human figure is the perfect thing happen in this world..u all know dat rite..hihi..seriously..in any form of art..first u had to choose the FOCAL POINT..from dat,u can elaborate with some dramatic things..Always control your composition of ur form or shape..make sure it's propotion..coz propotion is the key to how pleasant the audience will see in ur art..then,if u luv to draw a circle or curve,make sure it's well tangen..dat is another tips if u want to make a pleasant art..example,which 1 do u prefer?.. CALDINA or PROTON JUARA?..haha..u tell me?..CALDINA rite?..the curve effect?..fuhh..is like seeing a hot woman running on d street..juz kiding..to add some personalities in ur art, apply a strong stoke to your shading or hatching for focusing in certain area, especially your focal subject.....lastly..do some post-work..may b some photoshopping will help u do some effect..
 But yet,art is tooooooo subjective,coz people only luv to see thing,the way they wanna see it..correct me if i'm wrong..so,do ur own art today n gud luck..

...after some post-work from photoshop...
who like to title this two art?..


Dina Hasbulah said...

OMG!! i love butterflies so much!!
this is awesome dude. :)

jimz said...

if u luv it,then it yours..hihi..