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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

..besame mucho..

hye there..this entry is juz wanna tell u all about 1 of my favorite song this couple month.."Besame Mucho"..means "kiss me alot"..The Most Romantic of all Spanish songs. sung by Andrea Bocelli..a wonderful blind tenor singer from italy..huhu..there's alot of emotion involved in this song..d most important thing,d music is so beatiful..i really amaze d way the guitarist plucking the guitar..it's very pleasant to hear..dis is one of my list for my future kids while he or she still in d womb..d expert says dat,if u train ur baby to hear d classical or other pleasant song while she/he still in d womb,d brain of ur baby will stimulate more faster than usual..but still,the best sound on earth is from "Al-Quran"..aminn...if u wanna enjoy dis song live click here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPRESlT4Ccg&feature=related (besame kite jayekannye..hihi..)

p/s: all d youngster out there,please learn to hear this kind of song..this is what "beautiful art" really means..

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