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Friday, July 10, 2009

....Own ur Own....

lately,i'm kinda bz wif my interior designing project..so, i dun hv time to spent wif my pen & paper to scrable like usual..but then,came dis one guy from planet zelo55 (haha..u noe who u r) asking me to help him wif his banner for his A & P (advert & promotion)..hihi..i dun noe weither the viewer will grab d attention or not..but i hope i'd help him wif sumthing..thnx for other blogger for giving me d opportunities to create ur own banner too,hope u all like it..

for Zelo55 & Ryehannazz

for Ain & Dina H

haha...if u all see this award buzzing around..actually dis is one of my work dat i'd working wif for my mum's blog..juz cut n paste..hihi..

if u like..juz grab it..(wif permission ye..hihi..)

Thursday, July 09, 2009


finally!!..Batman join autobot in the next prequel of Transformers..is it true?!..just joking laaa.. Hasbro + DC comics = impossible!!!..hhihi..i just found this ilustration while i'm searching transformer's wallpaper in google...wierd rite?..but coolllll..thumbs up to Jolin Jester...its awesome..." The Dark Bots"...hahaha..n then,theres another art work from a photoshopper... seriously cool dude..superb..(ape pun tak leh!!!)..very dramatic..dun u think so?..

moral of d story is : OPTIMUS RULZ!!!.. no doubt of it..i'm looking forward to watch this movie for d third time..if u all wanna c optimus again,make sure it's GSC PAVILION, HALL 2 or 3!!..complete with THX effect..trust me..u wun regret!!..

( next project i wanna draw optimus seriously in love..kikiki.. )