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Thursday, January 29, 2009

piranesi anyone?...

with soft paint (water color) stroke

with color pencil stroke

Anyone familiar with Piranesi??...those effect u can get when u know how to manipulate many kind of effect such as, pencil grain, water color, charcoal & so many effect that piranesi can offer.. This is one of our favorite project we've been working out together.. ("we": i've been set up one enterprise company called INTERIORCITY together with my 3 bestfriend, which i will tell to u the detail later,those was good old days,tq guys)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

from zero to WuOOO!!!..

first effect from sketchup after render
"cut & paste effect" from photoshop
Lighting ,glare ,& glow effect from FILTER EFFECT

This is one of my last minute task given by boss to me,while i'm working at "tut" at shah alam last two years...do you think i making using 3dmax??...the answer is..NO!..Actually, just sketchup 5 & photoshop only...first,after you try to render in sketchup,just make sure hide the edges & manipulate the shadow,just to make sure the shadow doesnt cover the detail of the texture...than,import to photoshop..this is critical part,which is you have to do it step by step..
  1. add some "cut & paste" detail like a group of bird,flowers ,reflect effect & human figure
  2. then play with some lighting effect with every surface one by one.(you can find it at FILTER-RENDER-LIGHTING EFFECT)
  3. then,play around with lighting glare,especially at lighting,glass & floor.(you can find it at FILTER-RENDER-LENS FLARE)
  4. Lastly,for some "gloss" effect,select white color as primary color,then go to DISTORT-DIFFUSE GLOW..& adjust the effect..just practise & remember the step carefully & u'll see the effect...for details,just BUZZ! me..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Previous Presentation Board

This project was 3 years back,when i working at YM associates at Shah Alam for office renovation at 1utama for 8tv.using sketch up3 for 3d modeling & rendering, Photoshop for Lighting rendering & Canvas for arraging presentation...one of my favorite work..

My Sketches

This is old time sketches when i'm still in second year at UiTM...The day that i never thought that i will learn making 3d visualize using computer..The task is to make a theme restaurant & the location is at Suria KLCC...i choose Jazz Music as a theme...love to see those thing ,if its can be done..for now...juz in my dream..

My Side In-Come

Service Residence (Tower Design Development) client-Tropolis,K Lumpur
Outdoor Shopping Area (Bird Eye View) client-Ghulam Restaurant,Damansara.

Sometimes i also provide not so stunning 3D Architecture CGIs ,but personally tailored to suit my clients needs for my freelance job.My 3D Architecture professionals can bring my clients ventures to life thanks to the latest 3D Architecture software that i always use; Sketchup which produces beautiful 3D Architectural CGIs and photo-realistic imagery just in a few hours... Everyone from Contractors, designers, to architects and developers looking to display impressive 3D architectural CGIs can find a friendly solution for nice visualization results just in tide period of time in a tide budget.I already create & modeling anything which captures my client imagination from furniture and building exteriors, to commercial products, animation and visual effects, the list is endless. lastly... really thank God to give me the passion n this hardworking eyes for me to stay up at late nigth...hehehe...

Working Profesionally As A Kitchen Designer

New Kitchen cabinet design for office pantry.client-UOA Building

Almost 2 years i have begun to make the transition from informed designer to more systematic designer driven by curiousity & $$$..hehehe..its also gained me a wealth of knowledge which has helped me develop my skills as sensitive sales person which is involved more on public relation in entertaining the customer n doing some research more on human activtivy in kitchen areas.In fact, for me the most enjoyable part of the design process is research & convicing the customer.Working in Vision Design sdn bhd make me more sensitive through environment & humanity seriously.Beside the company provides a fully integrated value chain from designing, product development and manufacturing, to the installation of kitchen and wardrobe systems. Its clientele includes retail consumers, project developers, industry professionals such as architects and interior designers. Its wide range of professional and technical expertise, gained from years of experience, enables Vision Design to deliver a fully integrated kitchen solution to every discerning homeowner.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well..Well..Wellcome to my Zone..

One of my favorite work, a boutique Hotel at Melaka Streets,client- Degree Student of Lim Kok Wing
Hi, my name is Ezme...Some people juz call me is or jimmy...Designing is a passion of mine. I'm creating this amazing blog to share my opinion, skill, or idea with everyone out there. Besides, I'm also practising in interior design field for the past 5 years .I also work on illustration such as corporate identity & product presentation just for hobby...But actually,I'm major in 3d visualisation for architecture and interior designing ...i'm just a beginner player actually...playing with Sketchup, photoshop, n Canvas...With experience in freelance and fulltime jobs ,i'm also doing some experimental in illustration and photography which is one of my big passion too.. So,i'm here looking forward in the future to get some new exposure for my personal works and share it worldwide and also be active in this professional field doing interior designing... Thank you for browsing and throw me some ideasssssssss!...