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Saturday, February 07, 2009

10 Golden Rules For Designer In The Commercial World

  1. Never engage in an argument or the person who holds your cheque; he or she is probably more concerned about the outcome of you design than your self
  2. Things are not design oriented; your design will first and foremost be used to deliver a message to the market for your client' before it is an item of personal artistic expression
  3. Communicate patiently with your clients.emmber, they are not designers,so use their language to get your idea across.
  4. I believe there is meaning and a story behind your design and works, but if you don't put effort into telling me,how will i fully understand
  5. Respect the deadline;meeting it improves your credibility and will impact your career development.
  6. People prefer to talk to someone who is presentable, meaning clean and tidy,stylish doesn't have to mean unclean and untidy,do you catch my drift?
  7. Punctuality is important ,it is important to anyone who is professional, which includes designer.
  8. Never get angry during the price negotiation process,it's just business and nothing to do with insulting your work.thers no reason for them to do so anyway,if you really think about it.
  9. Your reputation can be proved by business references or winning awards.don't forget to win more awards,because it what customers believe in.
  10. Never ever attempt to copy others' design for any reason at all.it is a death sentence to any designer

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Hanafiah Yusoff said...

Good for me
Good for you
Good for those like you