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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

from zero to WuOOO!!!..

first effect from sketchup after render
"cut & paste effect" from photoshop
Lighting ,glare ,& glow effect from FILTER EFFECT

This is one of my last minute task given by boss to me,while i'm working at "tut" at shah alam last two years...do you think i making using 3dmax??...the answer is..NO!..Actually, just sketchup 5 & photoshop only...first,after you try to render in sketchup,just make sure hide the edges & manipulate the shadow,just to make sure the shadow doesnt cover the detail of the texture...than,import to photoshop..this is critical part,which is you have to do it step by step..
  1. add some "cut & paste" detail like a group of bird,flowers ,reflect effect & human figure
  2. then play with some lighting effect with every surface one by one.(you can find it at FILTER-RENDER-LIGHTING EFFECT)
  3. then,play around with lighting glare,especially at lighting,glass & floor.(you can find it at FILTER-RENDER-LENS FLARE)
  4. Lastly,for some "gloss" effect,select white color as primary color,then go to DISTORT-DIFFUSE GLOW..& adjust the effect..just practise & remember the step carefully & u'll see the effect...for details,just BUZZ! me..

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